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May 3, 2017   John   Pet Related News

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Pet Peeves

Feb 3, 2015   Shawn   Pet Care Tips

They're brownish-black in color, one-twelfth to one sixteenth inch long, have six legs, a flattened body and carry a threat of diseases and parasites.…  Read More »

The Benefits of a Professional Pet Sitter

Jan 22, 2015   Shawn   Pet Related News

Whenever pet owners make travel arrangements or work long hours, they have the added responsibility of what…  Read More »

Homemade Dog Biscuits

Nov 24, 2014   Shawn   Pet Friendly Recipes   1

This holiday season, as you pull out your cookie cutters and favorite holiday cookie recipes, why not whip up some homemade dog treats for…  Read More »

Get A Real Pet Sitter This Holiday Season!

Nov 24, 2014   Shawn   Pet Related News   1

HOLIDAY TIP: Beware of "pseudo pet sitters." Seven important questions when interviewing a potential pet sitter,…  Read More »

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