The Benefits of a Professional Pet Sitter

Jan 22, 2015   Shawn   Pet Related News

Whenever pet owners make travel arrangements or work long hours, they have the added responsibility of what to do with their pets. As you consider your options, there’s always a boarding kennel, or maybe a friend or relative, but how about a professional pet sitter?  If your pet is a good candidate for remaining home during your travels or long periods away from home, the convenience and personalized service offered through a professional pet sitter outweighs the benefits of many of the other alternatives.

While your pets remain at home, healthy and stress-free, your pet sitter will either visit or stay overnight at your home during your absence, and assimilate the care and routine that you provide on a daily basis. Services normally include feeding and watering of your pets, grooming, exercising, playing and loving your pets. Along with the fun stuff to keep your pet active and engaged, professional pet sitters typically administer medications, clean bedding, refreshed litter boxes and/or lawn of fecal matter.  In addition to caring for your pets, house sitting services are typically included all-inclusive, giving the appearance that your home is occupied, although you’re away. These services normally include collection of your mail and newspapers, watering of plants, alternating lighting in the evenings, and opening and closing draperies during the day.  Most importantly is the communication luxury our current technology offers with simple email or text updates as well as pictures of your pet’s well-being during your absence. 

Pet and house sitting is one of the most priceless conveniences available to you, since you don’t have to think about sacrificing your pet’s happiness for yours. When you are selecting a pet sitter, don’t be shy to ask for references, and always verify proof of insurance and bonding. Also check out our Blog post Get A Real Pet Sitter This Holiday Season for additional tips for hiring a professional pet sitter year-round.

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