Coping with Summer Heat, Part 1.: Hot Dog!!

Jun 25, 2017   John   Pet Friendly Recipes

After walking with my dogs this evening, I kicked back and enjoyed a cold beverage and couldn't help but think, dang it's hot.  Not only is it hot, my poor pups have fur coats and don't sweat.  There they were panting, staring, and doing their best to give me a guilt trip.  So what did I do?  I started writing this blog!

Of course, after giving them some ice water, I'm not a monster!  But it did prompt me to think ideas to share with you and your pets to help cope with the summer heat:

  1. Ice water:  Always be sure your pup has plenty of water, and nothing better than some ice in their water after being outside.  If you are out and about, bring a water bottle for your dog too.  I love my H2O4K9 bottle with top specifically designed for a dog to drink.  You can also bring a collapsible bowl and share some of your water, because you should be staying hydrated too!
  2. Frozen treats:  I have seen special dog ice cream in the store, and you can definitely go for that, but there are easier alternatives you can do at home.
    1. Try freezing your dog's normal treats.  One that works great is some peanut butter in a Kong toy.  Not only will this keep your pooch cool, but also is a great brain exercise.  Feel free to mix in some other treats for an extra surprise!
    2. Fruit is also a great frozen treat you both can have!  Cut up some apples or watermelon and freeze.  If you are feeling creative, break out the blender and mix up some apples or watermelon with some honey and freeze in ice trays for easy popsicles. 

There are plenty of recipes to find online, but these are my personal favorites because I can enjoy the treats too.  Here is a handy link to see what fruits and veggies are ok for your pet.   

Just some ideas, please feel free to comment with any recipes you and your little one love!


Up next:  Part 2:  Summer Safety Tips


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