Dog Influenza Outbreak In Florida

Jul 1, 2017   John   Pet Related News

A highly-contagious outbreak of canine influenza (dog flu) is making its way through Florida.  The disease can strike healthy dogs making them very sick and may be fatal for older dogs.  This is very critical in Pinellas County because we are extremely dog friendly.  Places where dogs interact socially are a potential breeding ground for the virus since it can live on a dog's hair for days. 

Symptoms include sneezing, nasal discharge, frequent coughing, fever and decreased appetite.

Effective vaccinations are available, but pet owners are urged to call their veterinarian before bringing their dogs in for treatment, since infected dogs are very contagious.  You may be asked to wait outside to avoid contact with other dogs.  You will also want to make your appointment soon as many vet offices are experiencing backlog because of the outbreak.

For more information:

Center for Disease Control

University of Florida College of Medicine


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