July 4th Tips

Jul 2, 2017   John

For some pets, 4th of July fireworks are far from any reason to party.  Many are so scared; they try to run from the scary noises.  According to national statistics from PetAmberAlert.com, animal control officials see a 30 percent increase in lost pets around July 4.

Here are some quick tips to help alleviate the anxiety of Independence Day!

  1.  Exercise your pet more than usual during the day of the 4th so they will be plenty tired that evening.
  2. Keep your pets inside and allow easy access to their “safe places.”
  3. Shut windows and play music, the television or run a fan to help drown out noise.
  4. Invest in an anxiety vest or put your pet in a snug t-shirt.  This helps create a hugging feel that helps aid in anxiety.
  5. Always feel free to consult with your Vet for alternative ways to help alleviate the fear and anxiety if you feel the above may not be enough.
  6. Keep fireworks, matches, lighter fluid, alcohol, citronella candles, and other inedibles away from your pets. 
  7. Make sure your pets are wearing their ID tags and they are up to date.  In case they do escape, call your local animal control and surrounding shelters immediately. The ASPCA also has an ASPCA Mobile App where you can receive a personalized missing pet recovery kit, including instructions on how to search for a lost animal.

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