Your Pets and the Eclipse

Aug 20, 2017   John   Pet Care Tips

With the eclipse of the sun this Monday, you probably have a checklist of things to do so you can enjoy the event safely.   One important piece you probably purchased is Solar Eclipse Glasses, but did you buy some for your pets?  Will you need to?? 

Here are 2 differing opinions:

  1. “Because pet owners can't exactly ask their pets to follow these rules, it's best to outfit them with protective glasses,” Mike Reynolds, an astronomy professor at Florida State College in Jacksonville, Florida, said at the Northeast Astronomy Forum in April.  "Safe solar viewing is always a must, no matter who it is," Reynolds said, showing a photo of a dog wearing protective glasses.
  2. “On a normal day, your pets don't try to look at the sun, and therefore don't damage their eyes.  And on this day, they're not going to do it, either," Angela Speck, director of astronomy and a professor of astrophysics at the University of Missouri, said at a news conference with NASA on June 21 in Washington, D.C.

If you really want to experience the event with your pet and want them to see the eclipse; definitely get them special glasses.  My opinion really sides with NASA.  Our pets have natural instincts.  Not staring into the sun would be considered one of those instincts.  Your pets may be confused with darkness during the middle of the day, but other than that, it is a normal day.  Much like my suggestions for July 4th, to reduce any anxiety the changes may bring, I recommend keeping your pet at home with all their comforts and maybe some music. 


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