Quick tips as we conclude National Walk Your Dog Month

Jan 30, 2018   John   Pet Care Tips

Quick tips as we conclude National Walk Your Dog Month:


What's the best type of leash?

Use whatever you feel most comfortable for both of you.

  • Retractable leashes are best reserved for casual walks, when it's safe for a dog to explore a bit further away. They are NOT a good idea if you're walking in a busy area with jogger, bicycles or car traffic.  The long line just asks to get wrapped around your dog, a person's leg or anything else.
  • Some people think chain leashes look nice and are a durable option, but they are much heavier than nylon or leather, and they can be very hard on your hands. They work best for dogs that are strong pullers or bite the leash.
  • Nylon leashes are a nice lightweight and durable option, but if a dog pulls a lot or unexpectedly lunges forward it can cause cutting or burns to the hands.
  • Leather leashes are a good option because they are easiest on the hands and are durable.


What is the best harness?

  • A harness that connects to your dog's back or connecting directly to your dog's collar are common options but I only recommend them if your dog is trained and a good patient walker.  If your dog is puller, these types of harnesses will injure their necks and cause breathing issues.
  • A harness that buckles to your dog's chest is great to help “steer” you dog on walks and are designed to naturally have your dog at your side.
  • If your dog is learning to walk on a leash and is still excitable, you can also try using a head halter. They provide maximum “steering” control while on your walks.

Extras you should always bring on walks:

  • If you're planning a long walk, be sure to bring water for your dog too, especially if it's warm outside.  This happens to be my favorite water bottle.
  • Walks are great training opportunities. Bring your fur-baby's favorite treats along, and practice tricks and obedience while out and about.  “Follow the Leader” is a great activity if your dog is still learning not to pull.
  • Don't get caught without extra poop bags, especially if you're taking a long walk.  This is a great way to recycle all those plastic grocery bags if you don't have a roll.



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