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Coping with Summer Heat: Part 2 How Hot is too Hot?

Jul 20, 2017   John   Pet Care Tips

Coping with Summer Heat: Part 2 How Hot is too Hot?   My little Yorkiepoo…  Read More »

July 4th Tips

Jul 2, 2017   John

For some pets, 4th of July fireworks are far from any reason to party.  Many are so scared; they try to run from the…  Read More »

Dog Influenza Outbreak In Florida

Jul 1, 2017   John   Pet Related News

A highly-contagious outbreak of canine influenza (dog flu) is making its way through Florida.  The disease can strike healthy dogs making them very sick…  Read More »

Coping with Summer Heat, Part 1.: Hot Dog!!

Jun 25, 2017   John   Pet Friendly Recipes

After walking with my dogs this evening, I kicked back and enjoyed a…  Read More »

Kitty Playtime

May 24, 2017   John   Pet Care Tips

Even though they average 16 hours of sleep a day and often may be more interested in their bed or a warm sunbeam, your…  Read More »

New Blogs Coming Soon!!

May 3, 2017   John   Pet Related News

Exciting new content coming soon!

Pet Peeves

Feb 3, 2015   Shawn   Pet Care Tips

They're brownish-black in color, one-twelfth to one sixteenth inch long, have six legs, a flattened body and carry a threat of diseases and parasites.…  Read More »

The Benefits of a Professional Pet Sitter

Jan 22, 2015   Shawn   Pet Related News

Whenever pet owners make travel arrangements or work long hours, they have the added responsibility of what…  Read More »

Homemade Dog Biscuits

Nov 24, 2014   Shawn   Pet Friendly Recipes

This holiday season, as you pull out your cookie cutters and favorite holiday cookie recipes, why not whip up some homemade dog treats for…  Read More »

Get A Real Pet Sitter This Holiday Season!

Nov 24, 2014   Shawn   Pet Related News

HOLIDAY TIP: Beware of "pseudo pet sitters." Seven important questions when interviewing a potential pet sitter,…  Read More »

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